Curses & demos

Sergi Vela teaches and advises on creative pastry making, for both beginners and professionals. For over a decade his goal has been to increase the knowledge, ability and efficiency of his pupils, helping them to achieve their objectives.
Vela specialises in pastry and chocolate products such as confectionary, brioche, croissants, puff pastry, macaroons, plum cakes, sweets, turron (nougat confectionary) and restaurant desserts.

Courses for Professionals

These courses are designed for professionals who wish to improve their technique, efficiency and the quality of their work:

-Courses personalised to the client’s work space and the equipment they have available.
-Courses and lessons that allow the client to develop their creative ability, enabling them to respond to the competition and demands of the market.
-Programmes that are personalised to the needs of the client

Courses for Beginners

Many students have begun their studies in the world of pastry making and confectionary under the guidance of Sergi Vela, who shares his love for well executed work, respect for the products and excellent technical execution.
These courses are intended for beginners but adapt to the needs of the students and take into account any limitations that the students may encounter when putting what they have learned into practice.

Company advising

Specialist in the teaching of production processes, adapting to the needs of every client.
-Design and development of products in the client’s work space.
-Adaption of processes to the equipment and available space of each client.
-Advice and support to food outlets, patisseries, confectioner’s, hotels and restaurants.

Professional shows

At present Sergi Vela is teaching at « Escuela de Hotelería y Turismo de Barcelone » EHTB. He also provides training and gives demonstrations on high-end patisserie products both in Spain and overseas.  He does this on behalf of  « Chocolate Academy de Gurb », part of the  Barry Callebaut Group where he represents the “Chocovic” brand.

He also provides demonstrations for Eurovanille & P.C.B. Création.